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    Subhra Sandal Herbal bath Powder

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    The stories of the wondrous effects of sandals range from practices of therapy to meditation.

    Its aroma takes us to reveries and calms our minds, reminding us of deep woods.

    It attracts people like moths to a flame.

    Its distinctive nature is added to Subhra bath powder and gives you special bath powder.

    Subhra Premium sandal is the perfect companion to give you a beautiful sandal and cleansing experience.


    • Subhra sandal bath powder is a pure herbal preparation using guidance from Ayurvedic practices.
    • It contains no chemical ingredients making it completely organic.



    • Subhra Premium sandal bath powder makes your skin soft, smooth, and bright.
    • Nourishes and maintains healthy skin.
    • Helps with(premature) ageing of the skin.
    • Helps with pimples and acne
    • Helps with wrinkles
    • Helps to decrease dry skin.

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    Subhra Sandal Herbal bath Powder
    Subhra Sandal Herbal bath Powder

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