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    Subhra Herbal Bath Powder

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    Cleansing the body in a proper way is a ritual that energizes the mind as the body. Since ancient times great care has been taken for our skin. The herbal organic mixture of powder was available in every home. It sets the day in high spirits.

    To bring back the old practices, Subhra bath powder is created as a blend of rich ingredients like Sali danyam, Madga, Kulutha, Bakuchi, Haridra, and Nimba patra.

    Subhra bath powder is the perfect companion for pampering your skin in ancient and natural ways.


    • Subhra bath powder is a pure herbal preparation using guidance from Ayurvedic practices.
    • It contains no chemical ingredients making it completely organic.


    • Subhra bath powder nourishes and maintains healthy skin.
    • Prevents clogging of sweat pores and makes the skin more soft, smooth, and bright.
    • Protects skin from Itching, rashes, and allergies.
    • Prevents any kind of fungal and bacterial infection on the surface of the skin
    • Prevents dryness and white scaling on the skin in winter.

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    Subhra Herbal Bath Powder
    Subhra Herbal Bath Powder

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