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Subhra Premium Herbal Baby Bath Powder - 100% Safe for Babies & Children

Rs. 324.00 Rs. 360.00
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इकाई कीमत  प्रति 
  •  🌿 Made From 100% Natural Ingredients & No Chemicals
  • 🧪 Best alternative to Chemical Based Soaps and gels
  • 👶 Protects your baby’s skin from rashes and other skin allergies
  • ✅ Keeps their skin smooth and soft
  • 🌟 Makes their skin healthy and glowing
  • ❤️ Maintains the tenderness of the baby's skin

 Your baby's soft giggles, those twinkling eyes, and delicate touches deserve nothing but the purest and best. Every moment with them is precious, and we understand how you want to cherish and protect them from the world's harshness.

Introducing Subhra Premium Herbal Baby Bath Powder — where age-old Ayurvedic wisdom meets your profound love for your baby.

🌿 Nature's Caretakers: Infused with a potent blend of Marigold, Sali Dhanyam, Mudga, Kulutha, Bakuchi, Haridra, Nimbapatra, and Bavanchla, each grain of this bath powder holds the promise of Mother Nature’s nurture.

👶 Radiant, Healthy Skin: Every bath with Subhra leaves your baby’s skin glowing with vitality, mirroring the inner joy of your little one.

Silky Smoothness: Say goodbye to dryness and hello to soft, buttery smoothness that your fingers won’t stop caressing.

💪 Protection at Its Best: Shield your precious one from rashes, allergies, and irritations. Subhra's gentle embrace ensures your baby's skin remains tender and trouble-free.

🌼 Preserving Innocence: Let your baby's skin remain as pure and innocent as their soul. Subhra maintains the skin's natural tone and tenderness.

For every parent who believes in giving their child the purest start, Subhra Premium Herbal Baby Bath Powder is the choice. Give your baby the luxury of nature and watch them bloom in its care.

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