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Subhra Baby Massage Oil - Strengthens Baby's Bones & Muscles, Improves Blood Circulation & Moisturizes & Softens Baby Skin

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Introducing our Subhra Baby Massage Oil – the perfect blend of nature's treasures to give your baby's skin a touch of softness and strength.


🌿 Nature's Best: Crafted with a unique combination of natural ingredients tailored for your baby's delicate skin.

🌊 Deep Moisturization: Sesame Oil and Jojoba Oil ensure your baby's skin remains hydrated and free from dryness.

🍼 Soft & Smooth Skin: The blend of Almond Oil and Olive Oil promises a velvety touch, making your baby's skin irresistibly soft.

💪 Muscle Strength: Regular massages with our oil can aid in the development of strong and healthy muscles.

✨ Radiant Glow: Kasthur Manjal and Saffron work wonders in lightening any dark pigments, unveiling a natural glow on your baby's skin.

🌾 Vitality Boost: Wheat Germ Oil is nature's secret to infusing life and vitality into the skin.

🌺 Subtle Fragrance: A light perfume ensures your baby smells delightful after every massage session.

🌼 Pure & Safe: Formulated with care, ensuring every ingredient benefits your baby, without any harmful additives.

Dive into the goodness of Sesame Oil and Jojoba Oil, renowned for their unmatched moisturizing properties that keep dryness away.


Let the richness of Almond Oil and Olive Oil ensure your baby's skin remains soft, supple, and smooth, all while helping in muscle development.


And that's not all! With the magic of Kasthur Manjal and Saffron, watch as your baby's skin gains a radiant glow, free from any dark pigments.


Key Ingredients:

  • Sweet Almond Oil : For silky smoothness.
  • Olive Oil : The promise of soft and nourished skin.
  • Jojoba Oil: The ultimate moisturizer for baby skin.
  • Wheat Germ Oil: Nature's secret to skin vitality.
  • Herbal Extract: A touch of nature's best.
  • Saffron: For that radiant baby glow.
  • Perfume: A subtle fragrance for delightful senses.
  • Sesame Oil: The base that binds all wonders, ensuring 100% care.

How to Use: Pour a little Subhra Baby Massage Oil into your hands and gently massage it onto your baby's skin, ensuring a loving touch until fully absorbed. Watch as your baby relaxes and enjoys the natural embrace.

Gift your baby the gentle care of nature with Subhra Baby Massage Oil. Because every baby deserves the best!

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Subhra Baby Massage Oil - Strengthens Baby's Bones & Muscles, Improves Blood Circulation & Moisturizes & Softens Baby Skin

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