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    Aswini Reetha Shampoo With Conditioner

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    Package includes 100ml Shampoo + 100ml Conditioner

    Reetha, the soap nut, has always been called to aid hair care problems. It is known for its traditional Medical properties and uses in Ayurveda. Its chemical properties include saponins, Genin, Oleanolic acid, Supindic acid, Sapindoside A & B which is a host for numerous health benefits.

    It is an organic and Nature-based shampoo to cleanse your hair and make it shiny, healthy, and lustrous.


    • Aswini Reetha Shampoo prevents dandruff from hair. It does this by removing dirt and oil from the scalp and hair root.
    • Reetha properties of shampoo strengthen the hair roots.
    • Helps to decrease hair fall.
    • Helps in getting rid of head lice.
    • Gives you shiny and healthy hair.

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    Aswini Reetha Shampoo With Conditioner
    Aswini Reetha Shampoo With Conditioner

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