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    Dia Atta

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    Introducing the ultimate solution to your health and taste concerns!

    Dia atta is made with a perfect blend of wholesome ingredients like soya, wheat, sprouted finger millet, roasted bengal gram, sprouted fenugreek, barley, and sorghum.

    Each ingredient adds its own unique nutritional benefits to the mix. Soya provides protein, wheat is a rich source of fiber, sprouted finger millet is packed with vitamins and minerals, roasted bengal gram adds a boost of energy, sprouted fenugreek is good for digestion, barley is loaded with antioxidants, and sorghum helps regulate blood sugar.

    So, not only does this atta taste great, but it also helps you stay healthy! Make a wise choice for you and your family with our multigrain atta today!


    • Dia atta helps in decreasing frequent hunger pangs.
    • It helps to remain energetic throughout the day.
    • Helps to control Blood sugar levels.
    • Helps in decreasing constipation.
    • Aswini Dia atta contains more calcium, Iron & dietary fiber than white rice.

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    Dia Atta
    Dia Atta

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